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February 01, 2024



BIOMEQ MASK+ has officially added a new color "Unique Black". In addition to the already familiar blue, gray or white colors of BIOMEQ MASK+, it continues to have an extremely unique black appearance! The already familiar blue, gray or white edges of BIOMEQ MASK+ now continue to have a unique black appearance!


Outstanding protection function

Possessing premium 4-layer non-woven fabric (SSMS) antibacterial filtering technology, BIOMEQ MASK+ not only helps you proactively protect yourself from dust and bacteria, but also helps limit the risk of infection in the community, especially in the context of the Tet season when there is an increase in entertainment and gatherings.


Among them, known as the third "lung" - the Meltblown medical filter layer is electrostatically treated and has the ability to kill > 98% of bacteria (BFE) and is waterproof, preventing droplets and fine dust from passing through. More specifically, BIOMEQ owns the entire production process, including the Meltblown antibacterial filter production technology, which is very scarce in the Vietnamese market today, thereby absolutely ensuring product quality. published as well as at reasonable prices to consumers.

Comfortable to use all day

The black BIOMEQ MASK+ 4-layer antibacterial medical mask not only protects health, but also brings a sense of comfort and ease when used for the whole family, because it is designed to fit the face and nose brace. Securely fixes the mask, along with medical-standard materials with perfect surface treatment, providing a soft feeling and not causing irritation to the skin. The mask also has a strap with good elasticity, does not cause marks or discomfort.


High quality mask box

The mask box is sealed with an anti-counterfeit stamp, with a luxurious, sturdy design. Inside there are 5 high-quality plastic bags, each bag contains 10 compact, convenient masks, you can easily put them in your bag or backpack to take with you.


Recommended by experts

The 4-layer medical mask product produced by Biomedical Equipment Joint Stock Company (BIOMEQ) has the genuine logo printed in the middle of the bottom edge of the mask. BIOMEQ MASK+ black meets the quality standards of the Ministry of Health, achieving ISO 13485:2016 certification to meet high quality requirements for export.6

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