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Homecare Equipment


Built-in 4 in 1: Automatic; Pasteurize; Drying; Preserve

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Product detail

After washing small items (such as baby bottles, pacifiers, saliva towels, toys, small bowls, etc.), put them into BH5700 machine and select the required working procedure. After drying and ultraviolet sterilization by PTC technology, the number of surviving bacteria can be greatly reduced and the possibility of re-infection with bacteria can be reduced.

Product Features:

  • Built-in 4 in 1: Automatic; Pasteurize; Drying; Preserve

  • Convenient touch control mode, easy to use

  • Can sterilize any utensils

  • Quick UV sterilization in 11 minutes

  • Horizontal door design, modern, large capacity (18L)

  • Easy to use and clean. Equipped with night lights

  • Automatically turns off when the machine door is open to limit UV light leakage

  • Child Lock Procedue

  • 1 year warranty

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