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Medical stockings

BH Knee Support

BioHealth Knee Support - Compression theraphy with natural fibre

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BioHealth Knee Support - Compression theraphy with natural fibre

As with so many diseases, there is no one single correct treatment here. However, the fact of the matter is ~ Wearing medical compression stockings is the basic therapy for venous diseases.

BioHealth Knee Support ~ Proven and Effective
Compression therapy help to support the natural function of the veins in the long term and to hinder progression of the venous disorder. This supports the work of the muscle~vein pump and the blood flow to the heart. Simultaneously, the pressure exercised on the leg by the stocking is reduced from the bottom to the top.

Put up your legs –that stimulates blood return. Cold water poured on from the feet to the groin help the veins to contract. Also creams, gel, lotions or sprays with extracts from horse chestnut or red vine leaves will help your legs to soon forget the stress of travelling, long periods of sunbathing put a strain on the venous system, as excessive heat distends the blood vessels and leads to congestion. Therefore, do not lie in the sun too long and, to compensate, provide the veins in the evening with healthy support through BioHealth support stockings.

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