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Medical equipment


Used to apply cold or hot compresses, relieve pain, reduce fever, and quickly recover from injury.

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Product detail

  • Hot compress: It has the effect of increasing circulation at the place applied to help the wound heal quickly, relieve pain, and warm. There are two types of hot compresses: wet and dry .

  • Cold compress: Effective in reducing pain and edema when sprains, dislocations, muscle bruises... With the ability to increase the threshold of stimulation of muscle fibers, cause vasoconstriction, and reduce blood circulation in the injured area.

  • Ergonomic design can apply to many places on the body.

  • Long time to keep hot/cold heat, safe to use.

Microlife hot and cold packs help promote blood circulation, relieve headaches, relieve cramps and joint pain... Keep women warm after giving birth.

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