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Antibacterial medical mask


Best Fit! So Comfortable & Easy to breathe with affordable price!

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Product detail

  • QUADRUPLE FILTRATION SYSTEM: These face mask for adults and older children includes 4 layers of high-quality filters and, a skin-friendly inner layer to protect the respiratory system.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: Good Manner presents you with a nanofiber insert adult face mask that creates a protective layer and keeps the weight light.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR COMFORT: Good Manner lightweight breathable face mask is designed with your comfort in mind.

  • SOFT AND DURABLE EAR BAND: This elastic earloop in our latex-free face mask will not cause tension on your little one's ears, assuring prolonged wear throughout the day.

  • EASY TO USE DISPOSABLE FACEMASK: These disposable face masks are suitable for home, school, park, outdoors, and busy public places.

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