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BIOMEQ - Efforts to bring medical equipment to the home medicine cabinet

BIOMEQ - Doanh nghiệp tiên phong mang thiết bị y tế đến tủ thuốc gia đình 2

Home medical equipment - "Solution" for active health control without drugs

Using drugs is an important step in the treatment regimen of many diseases, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, to diseases caused by viruses and bacteria... , prolonged use of the drug is the cause that makes it difficult for the body to achieve a normal state when not using the drug.

Since then, many patients tend to be dependent and abuse drugs. This is a very dangerous condition, causing the body to experience side effects, even making the health condition more serious.

BIOMEQ - Doanh nghiệp tiên phong mang thiết bị y tế đến tủ thuốc gia đình 1

In addition, because dependence on the drug will easily cause "resistance" to the drug, the body does not respond to the drug and gradually loses its effectiveness in treatment. At that time, the patient is forced to use other drugs to improve the level of treatment.

With the help of medical devices, physical support, biomedical electronics, measurement and warning help us to be more proactive with the progression of the disease, proactively prevent it by changing our lifestyle. live, move. These devices use high technology, helping patients monitor indicators such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar accurately.

Thanks to that, instead of feeling anxious and worried that the index might increase abnormally, now, patients can feel secure knowing their body mass index after just a few minutes. From these data, patients also have a plan to use drugs more effectively, reduce drug dependence, and feel more secure when they always know their own health situation.

BIOMEQ - Doanh nghiệp tiên phong mang thiết bị y tế đến tủ thuốc gia đình 2

Proud to bring new medical equipment solutions to Vietnamese families

With the strength of technology, materials and design, home medical devices quickly received the attention of users. These devices bring new methods of functional support, monitoring & treatment to help us be proactive, enjoy life, reduce disease anxiety, and provide opportunities for healthy living away from the harmful effects of diseases. continuous drug use.

For medical devices, quality and reliability are the most important metrics for product use. To choose good products that bring effective health care is not simple because of the variety of products including poor quality in the market.

In order to bring the best choice to people, BIOMEQ - Biomedical Equipment Joint Stock Company has invested in research, testing and selection of medical products and equipment that best suit the needs and business conditions. economy of Vietnamese families. With BIOMEQ, every medical device must deliver performance and guaranteed quality along with reliability.

We have been cooperating with leading medical device manufacturers in the world to choose the best and most suitable products, besides constantly updating medical equipment products, in order to find solutions. New ways to take care of people's health.

BIOMEQ - Doanh nghiệp tiên phong mang thiết bị y tế đến tủ thuốc gia đình 3

Up to now, BIOMEQ has introduced more than 300 product units from reputable brands and manufacturers such as Microlife, Bonbone, Starbalm, Sanity, Belsana, Biohealth, OGcare, etc. Nationwide distribution system with more than 5000 agents In which, BIOMEQ's products also appear in many drugstores, drugstore chains, and major health supermarket chains across the country. Just go to the nearest dealer of BIOMEQ - Biomedical Equipment Joint Stock Company, customers can find reputable health care equipment for themselves and their families.

BIOMEQ - Doanh nghiệp tiên phong mang thiết bị y tế đến tủ thuốc gia đình 4

With the motto "Be healthier for a better life", BIOMEQ - Biomedical Equipment Joint Stock Company is constantly striving and looking for effective & quality healthcare solutions, suitable for Vietnamese families to Every Vietnamese person is "safe about health" and enjoys life to the fullest.

Consistently pursuing the goal of becoming a professional & reliable supplier of medical equipment and home health care to meet people's health control and protection needs. BIOMEQ is the unit that brought Microlife and More than 10 other brands of medical & healthcare equipment have come to Vietnamese people during the past 13 years. Proud to be the leading enterprise providing high quality and advanced medical equipment and solutions to Vietnamese consumers.

Contact information BIOMEQ - Biomedical Equipment Joint Stock Company:

- Head office: No. 89 Tran Van Du, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, City. Ho Chi Minh

- Hanoi Office: A2 – BT6, Ha Dinh Urban Area, Lane 214 Nguyen Xien, Ha Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, City. Hanoi

- Website:

- Hotline: (028) 22 600 006


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