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STARBALM Collaboration with the pride of Vietnam’s soccer - Hanoi Football Club


On March 8th, 2023. At Hang Day Stadium (Hanoi), STARBALM Vietnam and Hanoi Football Club reached a cooperation agreement to support and protect players' health.

Ha Noi FC cung StarbalmHanoi football club and our Sportscare brand from the Netherlands - STARBALM officially signed the contract from 2023, brings a total solution for Sportscare and giving people the awareness of the concept “Exercise With A Plan” with medical products to prevent and treat injuries for players in the process of training and racing (Before - During - After).

Ha Noi FC cung Starbalm 2

According to the cooperation agreement, STARBALM & BIOMEQ will sponsor medical products to the Hanoi Football Club and Hanoi Youth Football Training Center until the end of 2023. In the conference, Mr. Ly Chanh Minh – STARBALM Communication Director said: “Our STARBALM brand always wants to be the wings of Hanoi FC players not only on the field but also outside the field with the most advanced and modern medical equipment that is about to be released to protect and reduce the maximum risk of injury for the top players in Vietnam”.

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For the football team, the medical care has always received special attention from the Board of Directors. Collaboration with STARBALM & BIOMEQ is considered a step forward in the plan to raise awareness, so that the players could limit the risk of injury, thereby being in the best shape to achieve high performance in competition.

Speaking about the cooperation between the two brands, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan - CEO of Hanoi Football Club said: “Before the cooperation, Hanoi Football Club had the opportunity to experience Starbalm's products and receive satisfactory results from the players themselves. Besides, our medical department also appreciates the quality of the products. We believe that the companionship of the Starbalm brand is a step to support and improve our performance in the near future.”.

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The Starbalm brand belongs to Novum Pharma, one of the top well-known medical groups in the Netherlands. The creator of STARBALM is Mr. Dirk van Tintelen, he’s a sports lover. During those times, he realized that injuries could happen at any time during exercise, so he collaborated with the leading experts in the sports industry to research and develop sports equipment. Sports care products for all people who exercise intending to be healthy and achieve high performance.

Starbalm was first introduced to Vietnam in 2018 and has been distributed to more than 70 countries around the world. Starbalm is made for sports lovers with 100% ingredients from the best herbs and does not contain camphor, supports all the athletes in their needs and will continuously update the formula according to the latest scientific advances to bring results beyond expectations. With the mission of helping users to have "healthy trust", BIOMEQ has been trusted by international partners and chosen to become the official STARBALM® distributor in Vietnam.

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